Testing Services

In testing area we combine our strong testing competence with proven project management track record. It allows us to deliver testing services respecting overall project/program goals and properly balancing given budget, time and required quality. Our testing services include Test Team Leasing, End-2-End Fixed Price Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Acceptance Authority and Test Consulting.
Test Team Leasing
Provision of compact test teams or skilled individuals.Available all roles from testers to test managers with various skillsets and seniority levels. Competitive price reflecting required seniority level.Potential combination of senior/junior resources with very competitive commercial conditions.
End-2-End Testing as a Managed Service
Provision of testing services on Fix Time/Fix Price basis a accepting related risks. Our ultimate target is overall project delivery understanding the fact that testing in its integral part, but not the only one:

Respecting overall Project Goals: our test teams respect required balance between expected quality, available time and given budget. We avoid usual mistake of test teams to concentrate on achieving of maximal quality ignoring other project goals, budget or timelines.
Concentrating on problems preventionusual problem of test teams is presenting of their importance by finding of maximal number of bugs and blaming of low quality of development. Our target is to prevent high number of defects so the test execution is as smooth as possible and final quality meets client requirements.

Non-Functional Testing and Consulting
Delivery of more complex test types such as automated, performance, stress, disaster recovery, compatibility and other types of tests. The objective of the service is to increase quality and confidence of project delivery by applying best industry practices, respecting proven standards and reflecting lessons learnt from similar projects in quality assurance and control domain.

Test Approach of Delivery Organization:

- Assessment of current test process
- Identification of areas for improvement with business impact
- Recommend corrective/preventative actions (plan, costs, etc)
- Help with realization of corrective/preventative actions

Definition of test strategy/test approach for a Project:

- Gathering all project parameters in order to best adapt the test strategy
- Creation of test strategy and review with all involved stakeholders
- Communication and approval of test strategy

Consultancy for specific QA areas:

- Test Tools – recommendation of proper test tools reflecting client needs, budget and environment. Help with implementing the tools
- Methodology – recommendation or definition of proper test methodology
- Level of Test Automation – analyze and recommend proper level of automation testing

Acceptance Authority
We help clients with management of complex projects that exceed their usual IT delivery competences. Act as interface between strong supplier and client. The service may cover whole project lifecycle from tender preparation to production cutover or may cover only specific areas/phases where client needs qualified assistance.

Tender Phase:Manage or consult complex initiation project phase starting from requirements gathering, tender execution to final contract negotiation and signature. The primary objective of the service is to prepare the best conditions prior project realization phase starts.

Realization Phase:Provide service that leads to successful delivery of complex projects with concentrating on following areas:

- Active management and control of Supplier
- Proper management of Client project activities
- Handover process between Supplier and Client

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