Our Services

Project Management
In project management area we deliver services targeted to a PROJECT or to a DELIVERY ORGANIZATION. We primarily focus on services such as Project Assurance, Supplier Management, Complex Projects & Crisis Management, Project Health Check, PMO Setup and Project Portfolio Delivery Process optimization.

We focus on consulting services primarily in domains where we can provide strong expertise and supervision of a domain authority. Our key areas are consulting services in project/delivery management, optimization of project delivery lifecycle, quality assurance and control mechanisms, testing approaches and various testing techniques such as automation or performance testing.

Testing Services
In testing area we combine our strong testing competence with proven project management track record. It allows us to deliver testing services respecting overall project/program goals and properly balancing given budget, time and required quality. Our testing services include Test Team Leasing, End-2-End Fixed Price Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Acceptance Authority and Test Consulting.

Software Development
We help our clients deliver innovative and cost-effective software solutions. Our software development is based on the most common methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile and SCRUM. Our software engineers utilize integrated development & certification environments to guarantee high quality of the product. Portfolio of our software services include following:

- Development of tailor-made software solutions
- Customization of the software packages and platforms
- Optimization of the software solutions
- Deliver Software as a Service

For clients or projects where scope of service description is not clear we provide skilled individuals based on Time&Material setup or delivery teams combining required skillsets. Our model helps our clients identify, attract, recruit and retain the people essential for their organisations success. Our nearshore delivery centre allows us to combine proper mix of senior and junior resources with very competitive blended rate.

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