Project Management Services

Complex Project & Crisis Management
Providing of Project Management service by skilled professionals with proven track record for projects that exceed “business as usual” delivery:

Projects in Crisis: crisis project managers helps to identify root causes of crisis, define corrective actions and exception plan, stabilize the project and finally deliver or handover stabilized project back to “standard” project manager.

Complex Projects: senior project managers with experience from similar complex projects will define proven governance, delivery model and project approach minimizing project risks. From lessons learnt skilled PM identifies most critical domains in project delivery, areas where previous projects faced problems and recommend/implement preventative actions.

Business Critical projects: certain even not complex project are too important to risk their failure or delay. Senior PM will ensure that project delivery is properly planned, being executed and regularly monitored/reviewed.

Project Assurance
Increase quality and confidence of project delivery by applying best industry practices, respecting proven standards and reflecting lessons learnt from similar projects. The service is applicable mainly for following areas:

Startup and Initiate new project: help to properly setup a new project and create the best possible conditions for its successful delivery

Project Management Assurance: supporting the project sponsor by providing real and independent project status, warning signs, top risks/issues (with recommended corrective and preventative actions), help with communication to all stakeholder levels, etc.

Continual Project Quality Assurance: ensuring that the project is:

- Properly planned and well defined in order to be continually measurable
- Compliant with best industry practices and applies proper standards
- Continuously reviewed and tracked in order to prevent critical issues or allow their identification in early phase when they can be mitigated
- Properly reported and communicated to all levels of project stakeholders

Supplier Management
We help clients with management of complex projects that exceed their usual IT delivery competences. Act as interface between strong supplier and client. The service may cover whole project lifecycle from tender preparation to production cutover or may cover only specific areas/phases where client needs qualified assistance.

Tender Phase:Manage or consult complex initiation project phase starting from requirements gathering, tender execution to final contract negotiation and signature. The major intention is concentrating on, predictable and controllable project initiation, definition of complete RFP allowing fair and transparent comparison of all proposals, Suppliers Proposals review and benchmark and helping clients with contract negotiations by applying industry standards. The primary objective of the service is to prepare the best conditions prior project realization phase starts.

Realization Phase:Provide service that leads to successful delivery of complex projects with concentrating on following areas:

- Active management and control of Supplier
- Proper management of Client project activities
- Handover process between Supplier and Client

Project Health Check
Independent project health check based on best industry standards and practices. The health check covers all project domains (such as Requirements, Planning, Reporting, Quality Planning and Controls, Deliverables, etc.) and shall be assessed from 3 different dimensions:

- Commercial and Contractual
- Technical
- Quality

For each finding or area for improvement detailed analysis includes:

- Associated Business Risks
- Root Causes
- Corrective Actions
- Preventive Actions

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