Consulting Services

We focus on consulting services primarily in domains where we can provide strong expertise and supervision of a domain authority. Our key areas are consulting services in project/delivery management, optimization of project delivery lifecycle, quality assurance and control mechanisms, testing approaches and various testing techniques such as automation or performance testing.
Project Delivery Process Optimization
Improve and optimize project portfolio delivery process in order to meet organization needs. Provision of this service is based on communication with all major stakeholders of delivery process and addressing their needs, pains and preferences. The service shall result in set of achievable improvement actions, plan for their realization (from quick wins to mid term improvements), making the improvements alive and continual measurement of change.

Project Management Office Setup
Objective of the service is to setup an effective Project Management Office (or Project/Program office) in client specific environment reflecting all major stakeholders requirements. The target is to build independent PMO “body” that is able to:

- Continually improve project management throughout the organization
- Maintain standardized project management practices throughout the organization
- Perform proper communication so that senior executives and stakeholders know project status
- Facilitate communication and decision-making, so that projects achieve strategic objectives

Consulting in Quality Assurance and Control Area
The objective of the service is to increase quality and confidence of project delivery by applying best industry practices, respecting proven standards and reflecting lessons learnt from similar projects in quality assurance and control domain. Highly skilled QA and testing professionals can help clients with setup of QA part of project delivery either for certain project or across whole delivery organization. Offered services cover:

Test Approach of Delivery Organization:

- Assessment of current test process
- Identification of areas for improvement with business impact
- Recommend corrective/preventative actions (plan, costs, etc)
- Help with realization of corrective/preventative actions

Definition of test strategy/test approach for a Project:

- Gathering all project parameters in order to best adapt the test strategy
- Creation of test strategy and review with all involved stakeholders
- Communication and approval of test strategy

Consultancy for specific QA areas:

- Test Tools – recommendation of proper test tools reflecting client needs, budget and environment. Help with implementing the tools
- Methodology – recommendation or definition of proper test methodology
- Level of Test Automation – analyze and recommend proper level of automation testing

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